Technology Capability

1. No of layer

2-18 layer rigid PCB, Rigid-flex PCB, Flex PCB, Metal-core PCB, and High frequency PCB


2. Material

FR-4, high frequency (Rogers, PTEE, PI), Aluminum, Copper, Polyimide, etc


3. Special technology

Buried/blind via, impedance control, thick copper, rigid-flex, high frequency, gold fingers, peelable mask, countersink hole, hole plug, etc


4. Surface finishing

HASL, immersion gold, immersion silver, immersion tin, OSP, ENEPIG


5. Product application

Telecommunications, industrial electronics, automotive, medical, Power supply, LED lighting, aerospace, embedded, etc



Quality Management

JAAPSON has passed such certification of international quality system as ISO14001(2004),ISO9001(2008) and SGS, and all of our products meet IPC, ROHS standards. We strive to produce world-class products and service, and continuously improve customers’ satisfaction.


Quality Policy:transcendent quality、perfect embodiment、Prevent pollution、Energy efficiency、Green production、Continual improvement、customers' satisfaction


Quality Target:

Rate of the first passed products:>98%

Rate of delivery on time:>98%

Rate of customer's complaint:<1%





Service Policy:

Quick response, Professional Service,  Strive for perfection


Lead time for PCB Prototype:

lead time for 2-layer PCB: 24 hours

lead time for 4-8 layers PCB: 48 hours

lead time for 10 layers PCB or above: 120 hours


Lead time for mass production:

lead time for 2-layer PCB: 7 working days

lead time for 4-6layers PCB: 10 working days

lead time for≥8layers PCB: 15working days

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