Peelable Solder Mask PCB

Peelable Solder Mask PCB

Product number:JPS-116

Peelable Solder Masks (also known as strippable mask or blue-mask) are applied by screen-printing, act as in-process protection and are removed either after processing at the PCB manufacturer or at the assembler.

Peelable Solder Masks, provide such protection in soldering processes like wave soldering, reflow soldering or hot-air solder leveling (HASL). Reliable, time-saving and cost-saving in their application, they have long surpassed manual masking with heat-resistant tapes.

General features and advantages of the peelable solder mask range are:

Time an cost saving process compared to taping

Protection of complex structures and shapes by efficient screen-printing

Protection of selected areas on the PCB during various finishing or assembly processes

Protection (tenting) of PTH

Overprinting of carbon inks

Resistance in plating processes (e.g. electroless/electrolytic Copper or Tin plating)

Protection during Flex or Flex-Rigid processing

Highest temperature acceptance and good peel-ability





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