6oz heavy copper PCB

6oz heavy copper PCB

Product number:JPS-550

6oz heavy copper PCB

No of Layer: 2

Material: FR-4,  Kingboard, Shengyi

Board thickness: 2.50mm

Copper thickness: 6oz=210um

Surface treatment: ENIG, 0.05-0.1um gold+3-5um nickel

Key technology:  6oz thick copper, kapton thermal tape

Application:  Telecommunications,  Industrial Control, Power Supply, UPS systems etc





Benefits of Heavy Copper PCBs

1. Elimination of complex wired buss configurations

2. Increased current carrying capacity

3. Increased endurance to thermal strains

4. Optimized use of exotic high temperature materials with lower probability of circuit failure

5. Ability to incorporate multiple copper weights on the same layer of circuitry (layer count reduction)

6. Added copper plating in the heat vias (thermal resistance reduction)

7. Selective areas plated with heavy copper can function as a heat sink or interface to cold plate (built-in heat sinks)

8. Integration of high-current circuits and control circuits on a single PCB



Applications of Heavy Copper PCBs

Solar power converters

Safety and signal systems

Renewable energies and storage pumping plants

Torque controls

High power rectifiers

Overload relays

Power converters for railway systems

Power line monitors

Traction converters for rail applications

UPS systems

Electric vehicle charging (commercial and industrial)

Protection relays

Excitation systems for power regulators

Position control systems

Power grid switching systems

HVAC systems

Energy storage and power grid back up

Nuclear power applications

Line reactors

Hydro-electric plants

Surge protectors

Fuse blocks

Welding Equipment

Weapons control systems


Radar systems


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