Via In Pad PCB

Via In Pad PCB

Product number:JPS-338

Via In Pad PCB

No of Layer: 4, 6 or more

Material: FR-4, TG170, KB/Shengyi

Board thickness: 1.6mm

Copper weight: 35um=1oz

Surface finishing:  ENIG=Immersion Gold

Solder mask: Glossy Blue

Silk screen: White

Key technology: Via In Pad


What is Via In Pad?

Via In Pad is Plated Through Hole filled with conductive (or non-conductive) epoxy plugging ink, subsequently planarized and plated over. Via-in-Pads are usually patterned into a BGA pad for direct soldering. 


What is the advantage of Via In Pad?

It can make routing easier with big or fine pitch BGAs

It can allow really close placement of bypass capacitors

It can help with thermal management

It can help with grounding on high-frequency parts.


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