Hybrid multilayer PCB

Hybrid multilayer PCB

Product number:JPS-667

Hybrid multilayer PCB

No of Layer: 4

Material: FR-4, TG170 + Rogers RO4003C

Board thickness: 1.6mm

Copper weight: 35/18/18/35um

Surface finishing: Immersion gold

Solder mask color: green

Other requirement: impedance control, via-in-PAD

Application: Telecommunication, Satellite, RF, Aerospace, Medica, Antenna...



What is Hybrid multilayer PCB?

A hybrid multilayer PCB uses materials with significantly different critical properties than those associated with a traditional multilayer PCB. A hybrid could use a mix of FR-4 materials with high-frequency materials, or a mix of different high-frequency materials with different dielectric constants. 




Advantages of Hybrid multilayer PCB:

Better design flexibity

Improved impedance control

Improved reliability and performance

Better thermal management

Low DK and High frequency

Lower cost than pure Rogers material


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