Flex PCB with Stiffeners

Flex PCB with Stiffeners

Product number:JPS-721


Flex PCB with Stiffeners

Material: Polyimide Kapton

Thickness: 0.13mm

Copper thickness: 1oz

Surface finishing: ENIG=Immersion gold

Orange coverlay+white silk screen

Other requirement: 2 Stiffeners( one FR-4 Stiffener+one Polyimide Stiffener)

Application: IoT, Wearables, consumer electronics, telecommunications, etc



Why do you need Stiffeners on Flex PCB?

Flex PCBs are thin, light weight and easy bending, this gives much difficulty in the process of component assembly. Stiffeners are used to reinforce those areas where components will be assembled.  There are many different material can be used as stiffeners, like polyimide, kapton, FR-4, Aluminium, etc,  designer need to select the right material based on their thickness and characteristics.


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