Trends and Implications in Embedded Systems Development

Trends and Implications in Embedded Systems Development

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Embedded systems have become an integral part of daily life. Be it a cell phone, a smartcard, a music player, a router, or the electronics in an automobile - these systems have been touching and changing modern lives like never before.


An embedded system is a combination of computer hardware, software, and additional mechanical or other technical components, designed to perform a dedicated function. Most of the embedded systems need to meet realtime computing requirements.


The major building blocks of an embedded system are listed below:

Microcontrollers / digital signal processors (DSP)

• Integrated chips

• Real time operating system (RTOS) - including board support package and device drivers

• Industry-specific protocols and interfaces

• Printed circuit board assembly


This White Paper provides a brief introduction to embedded systems, including their main components and application areas. It also provides an overview of the emerging trends and the related implications in the design and development of these systems.


The intended audience of this paper includes engineering directors, product engineering leads, hardware or firmware architects, and project managers working on embedded solutions and products.


The author of this white paper is Sukriti Jalali, and the contents are:




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