The list of PCB designers worldwide- Part 1

The list of PCB designers worldwide- Part 1

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-Very often, our clients ask us to provide PCB design/layout service, or introduce them qualified PCB design professionals for their projects. Thus, we are making the list of PCB Designer Worldwide. 

-We will put this data on our website and many other public related websites, so that people in need might contact PCB designers directly.

-The information will not be used for commercial purpose.

-If you are also PCB designer and want us to include you to the list, please email to baggio@jaapson-pcb.com

-If you have sent your details but not yet be listed on the paper, it is either because you did not provide enough details, or because it takes longer time, please feel free to ask.

-Each document contains 12 PCB designers, and to be continued


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