SMT Stencil Design and Considerations

SMT Stencil Design and Considerations

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PCBA (Printed Circuit Board Assembly) is a segment of printed circuit board technology. This segment of printed circuit board industry is concentrated in assemble all the pieces of electronic industry to one piece before output them to market. This segment covers: interconnection technology, package design technology, system integration technology, board and system test technology…etc. However, in a very brief and short description, PCBA is the segment that concentrated in assembly all electronics and electro mechanical components on the surface of a PCBA using metallic bonding such as: pin through-hole’s solder, surface mount solder, or press fit interconnection.


This document will concentrate to discuss how to optimization and design of one of the most important tool in SMT,SMT stencil. This tool is a printing template to deposit solder on the surface of the SMT PCB fabrication. Although SMT stencil is just a tool that help to complete SMT manufacture process, but it plays a very critical role in achieving high quality SMT product. We will discuss a little more detail of SMT technology which will lead to how design a quality stencil for SMT process.


Table of Content

1. A Brief Discussion of PCBA Technology

2. Discussion of SMT Technology

3. Role of SMT Stencil in SMT

4. SMT Stencil Design

5. SMT Printing Troubleshooting

6. Reference Documents


You are welcomed to download the paper, and hope it will be heplful to your SMT Stencil Design



Author: Cuong Tran

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