PCB Fiducial Mark Design Guidelines

PCB Fiducial Mark Design Guidelines

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Fiducial Marks are precision targets built into a PCB surface which are used by a vision-equipped pick and place machine to fine tune it’s placement accuracy. Because they are formed in the outermost copper layer, their position relative to the other component locations remains fixed from board to board – unlike a silkscreen printed mark, which varies from board to board.


This SMEMA (Surface Mount Equipment Manufacturers Association) standard is for fiducial marks. It was developed to facilitate the accurate placement of components on printed circuit boards.


The purpose of this standard is to provide common measurable points for all steps in the printed circuit board assembly process. Compliance with these requirements will allow each piece of equipment used for surface mount assembly to accurately locate component land patterns.


You are welcomed to download the paper and hope it will help with your Fiducial Mark Design on your PCB.


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