Introduction to FPGA design

Introduction to FPGA design

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Release time:2017-02-04 17:12:25

This paper presents an introduction to digital hardware design using Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGAs). After a historical introduction and a quick overview of digital design, the internal structure of a generic FPGA is discussed. We then describe the design flow, i.e., the steps needed to go from design idea to actual working hardware. Digital signal processing is an important area where FPGAs have found many applications in recent years. Therefore a complete section is devoted to this subject. The paper finishes with a discussion of important peripheral concepts essential for success in any project involving FPGAs.


The paper includes the below chapters:

1 Historical introduction

2 Basics of digital design

3 FPGA structure

4 Design flows

5 Digital signal processing using FPGAs

6 FPGAs in real-world designs


About the Author:

J. Serrano

CERN, Geneva, Switzerland



You are welcomed to download this paper and hope you will find it useful and helpful!

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