How does a FPGA work?

How does a FPGA work?

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FPGA is an integrated semiconductor circuit that allows for programming after the manufacturing process is complete. This means that the product which has the FPGA can have its functions and features configured post production. In many cases the configuration is done after installation and hence the term field programmable. FPGA can be applied to any kind of function that ASIC can be used for but without the restriction of ASIC circuits. Through the use of logic cells, FPGA circuits perform complex combinational functions as well as simple logic processes. The processes undertaken by the logic cells are controlled by special software that translates commands to cell logic processes.



The content of this document includes:

• What is a FPGA?

• How FPGAs work

FPGA Manufacturers

• Distributed RAM

FPGA History


FPGA and Microprocessors

• Alternatives to FPGAs



The authors of this document are Anders Skoog and Stefan Granlund from Advanced Digital IC Design.

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