Hand Soldering Basics

Hand Soldering Basics

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Soldering quality and performance vary depending on tip geometry, board thickness, temperature, flux types, technique, etc. Everyday knowledge of soldering is not enough. This technical note outlines some basic rules of thumb that apply to all hand soldering operations. With the proper tools and techniques, productivity will increase, board quality and rework consistency will improve, and board damage will be kept to a minimum. This technical note discusses methods to improve daily soldering practices as well as methods to maintain your soldering tool tip life.



The content of this paper includes:

1. Abstract

2. Process Control

3. Tip Selection

4. Temperature Selection

5. Flux Selection

6. Technique: How to Solder

7. Soldering Iron Tip Plating Failures


You are most welcome to download the paper and hope it will help with your hand soldering.



Author: David Sloan



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