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Sample Discount Program from Jaapson PCB

2021-01-21 10:07:39 Betty Yang

I am sure 2020 was the most difficult and challenging year for most people in the world, some people lost their jobs, some lost their business and even some lost their friends or relatives. I pray that the virus will be over soon, I pray that the world will return to normal in 2021 and I pray that all people are in good health.


Difficult as it was, yet, we (Jaapson PCB) still managed to grow and develop as planned.


1. Our factory is moved to Dongguan, nearby Shenzhen, with expanded factory of 8000 square meters, with total employee number of 240;

2. We introduced more advanced AOI and plating machines, our quality and production yield is improving a lot;

3. With advanced equipment and manufacturing know-how, we are able to produce up to 26 layer PCBs, including blind via, buried via, via-in-PAD, BGA & uBGA, impedance control, edge connectors, etc 


All these growth and achievement would not be possible if without the support & help from our partners and clients.

To celebrate our moving to new factory, and to thanks our partners and clients, we are lunching the "Sample Discount Program":  we make BIG discount for sample orders.


Cost is below: 

For 2 layer PCB samples, cost is USD 30;

For 4 layer PCB samples, cost is USD 90;

For 6 layer PCB samples, cost is USD 140;

For 8 layer PCB samples, cost is USD 250;

For 10-26 layer PCB samples, we will quote after checking your gerber file;


The above cost does not include shipping cost, shipping cost will be quoted upon your request, or we can use your UPS, DHL or FEDEX account; 


The above quotation is based on standard features, see below:

Board thickness: 1.0mm, 1.2mm, and 1.6mm; 

Copper thickness: 35um/1oz

Surface finishing: HASL 

Solder mask color: Green, Blue


How to define samples?

Let's say your board size is within 100MM*100MM, we can produce up to 10PCS as samples.


Valid time:

This program is ONLY valid from 26th, January to 20th, February, 2021


Finishing and shipping time:

Due to CNY holidays, we can only finish production and ship by end of February, 2021


For any questions or inquiry, please contact us at info@jaapson-PCB.com

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