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How fast is fast enough to get your PCB and PCB Assembly produced?

2019-07-21 15:19:40

Nowadays people like fast. People like fast airplanes, fast trains and fast cars; People like fast food, fast coffee and fast meals; Even in the electronics world, engineers/designers/owners like to design fast, assemble fast, test fast and sell fast, only in this way your products can sell before your competitors and your company survives the competition. 


In this post, I am going to talk about how we can help you with your fast PCB production and fast PCB assembly.


In the past few years, lots of customers asked us to produce fast PCBs or PCB assembly for them, some customers used too much time in PCB designing and revising, some needed to show products in exhibition which was only 1 week's time; some to bid for a large project, some to show demo to investors, etc. For most of these urgent orders, we managed to meet customers' requirement, but for many of them, we failed to deliver in time, which caused much loss for both us and our clients. We have been thinking about the reasons ever since and very often, and asking ourself if we could do this again, could we finish production in time? If yes, how? If not, why?


After 2 years' of trying, trying and trying again, we finally achieved some positive results, and for the past 6 months, our punctuality rate for fast service is 98%.


Here is what we can do for your fast PCB/PCBA production:

1. For 2 layer PCB, we can finish production within 1 day

2. For 4 layer PCB, we can finish production within 2 days

3. For 6 layer PCB, we can finish production within 3-4 days

4. For 8 layer PCB, we can finish production within 4-5 days

5. For 10-12 layer PCB, we can finish production within 5-7 days

6. For HDI PCBs with blind via/buried via/laser drilling, we can finish in 7-10 days

7. We can also produce fast PCB assembly if you could provide the components


Please note: 

The above fast service is only for samples; 

Production time starts only after you answer technical questions; 

For assembly, we can buy standard components, if you can provide key components, it is highly recommeded

For difficult PCBs, please discuss with our engineers and customer service managers


Please contact the below persons for more details:

Amy LV: amy@jaapson-pcb.com

Andy LIU: andy@jaapson-pcb.com

Claire SHI: claire@jaapson-pcb.com

Heather GONG: heather@jaapson-pcb.com

Betty YANG: betty@jaapson-pcb.com

Thomas Peter LIU: peter@jaapson-pcb.com

Baggio WANG: baggio@jaapson-pcb.com






Shenzhen Jaapson Technology Co., Ltd, established in 2004, is a high-tech enterprise specializing in designing, developing, manufacturing and marketing of Printed Circuit Board (PCB). We introduced advanced production and test equipment from overseas, professional engineering& management personnel and state-of-art technique to make sure we provide our customers with PCBs of high quality, reasonable price, fast delivery time and timely after-sales.


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Jaapson PCB was established in 2004, we have 15 years experience

We passed UL ISO9001, ISO14001, RoHS certificates

60% of our customers are from Europe and North America

We use very good material, such as KB, Shengyi, Rogers, Taiyo solder mask..

100% of our products are tested and 100% pass

We attend dozens of Electronics Fairs in Germany, USA, HK, etc

Our production line works 24hours without any break, to ensure timely delivery

We are golden member of CPCA and SECC.


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