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How did I earn 2 Million Dollars in 2017?

2018-04-18 13:59:23

At Shenzhen Electronics Fair in April 2018, the 4 old friends met again from all over the world, they were all MIT students 20 years ago. Mr. Colin Clark is from USA, senior purchasing manager in a technology company; Mr. Ralf Schmidt is from Germany, running an electronics manufacturing company; Mr. Tom Wilson is from UK, running a electronics development company; and Mr. ZhangHui is from China, running a SMT company.


After visiting the fair, the 4 old friends went to a bar to drink beer, talk friendship and refresh memories. 

It have been a dacade that they have not seen each other, everyone has changed a lot, less hair, fatter belly, nicer dress, more confident, and they are all successful in their career. As you know, every man has pride and wants people think that he is better than others, so after a few rounds of beer and wine, they started to talk about their achievement and compare with others.



Mr. Colin Clark (USA): Guys, you know what? I just bought a new house 2 months ago, it cost me USD 500,000, it's located in downtown Chicago, there is river, mountain and golf field, you guys should come over and let's play golf.


Mr. Ralf Schmidt(Germany): I am glad to hear that. I have been very busy lately, my business is booming and I received too much more order that I can handle, and I am buying new production equipment, it cost me a lot of money, I need to talk to a few bankers.


Mr. Tom Wilson(UK): Ralf, maybe I can invest in your company, my wife works at the largest bank in the UK, and also I have lots of connections with people in Apple, Huawei, Foxconn, Tesla, etc, they are constantly looking for investment opportunities.


Mr. Ralf Schmidt(Germany): That's great, yes, please help me to contact them and arrange a meeting.


Mr. Colin Clark (USA): Zhanghui, you are very silent tonight, how have you been?


Mr. ZhangHui(China): Do you know how much money I earned in 2017? ...... 2 Million Dollars


Mr. Colin Clark (USA): Holy Shit...You kidding me?

Mr. Ralf Schmidt(Germany): No Way!!

Mr. Tom Wilson(UK): What the F..k!!! Really? How did you do it?


Mr. ZhangHui (China) lit his cigar, paused a few seconds and continued to talk: 

You know that I run a SMT company, right? The most important partner for me is a reliable PCB factory, with stable quality, timely delivery, effective after-sales service and good communication. After a few years of struggling, I finally found my reliable PCB partner, they helped me a lot in terms of technical consulting, quality control and payment conditions, so I can focus on my main business, and this why I earned so much money.


Mr. Ralf Schmidt(Germany): Woo, that's wonderful for you. I also need a good PCB partner, can you introduce them to me?

Mr. Tom Wilson(UK): Yeah, please introduce to me also

Mr. Colin Clark (USA): Umm, I am eager to know...


Mr. ZhangHui (China): Fine, the company is called Jaapson PCB, here is their business card, my contact is Heather, she is very smart, helpful and hard-working, more importantly, she is beautiful, I am sure she can help you guys a lot.



The other 3 guys took the business card and started to call her...






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