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Are you looking for a reliable PCB assembly partner?

2018-03-22 15:56:22

Many customers had asked us to make PCB assembly for them in the past few years, and we declined each time, because we were not sure we can make 100% good quality. After 6 months of preparation, equipment adjustment, personnel training and board testing, I am glad to announce that JAAPSON is starting new adventure into PCB assembly from March 2018.


PCB assembly is the most important step to your electronic products, whether you make money or not, whether you are successful or not, it is largely dependent on your PCB assembly partner, thus spending some time with your PCBA partner, getting to know their technology, equipment, industry experience and people is necessary.



Our Market focus:

Prototype and smaller quantity production

1L, 2L, 4L PCB assembly

For now, we can only purchase standard components; if customers supply components, it is recommended!



Now let me show you some of the assembled boards that we produced recently:








We will provide more details in the next blogs.

If you have any inquiry, please email us at info@jaapson-pcb.com, we will reply you ASAP.




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