• CNY Holiday Notice from Jaapson PCB

    CNY Holiday Notice from Jaapson PCB

    Please note that our factory will be closed for CNY holidays from 18th, January to 2nd, February, during this period of time, there will be no production, no shipment, but we can still quote for you or answer your technical & design questions.

    Amy Lv
  • How fast is fast enough to get your PCB and PCB Assembly produced?

    How fast is fast enough to get your PCB and PCB Assembly produced?

    Nowadays people like fast. People like fast airplanes, fast trains and fast cars; People like fast food, fast coffee and fast meals; Even in the electronics world, engineers/designers/owners like to design fast, assemble fast, test fast and sell fast, only in this way your products can sell before your competitors and your company survives the competition.

  • Jaapson CNY Holiday Arrangement 2019

    Jaapson CNY Holiday Arrangement 2019

    Jaapson factory will soon be closed for CNY holidays, from 27th, January to 11th, February. During this period, there will be no production, no engineering work, no shipment, but you can still contact our people for inquiry, quotations and technical consulting, etc, we check our emails on daily basis and we guarantee that your emails will be replied within 24 hours.

  • Christmas is coming, Jaapson is having a free gift for you, get it NOW!

    Christmas is coming, Jaapson is having a free gift for you, get it NOW!

    How time flies! 2018 will be history in 33 days, you hear me correct, it is 33 days, and admit or not, we all grow one year older.

    World politics and economy situations have been changing constantly, especially with the big fluctuation of USD/RMB exchange rate and Donald Trump started trade war against China, all these make Chinese export more difficult than before. However, under Jaapson leaders' management, innovation and investment, Jaapson still managed a 22% revenue growth from the previous year, and we completed our yearly sales one month in advance.

  • Conflict Mineral Statement

    Conflict Mineral Statement

    This document contains Jaapson’s statement regarding the content of Conflict Minerals in our products. Conflict minerals are four particular metals (Tin, Tantalum, Tungsten or Gold), which when sourced from the Democratic Republic of the Congo and/or surrounding countries have a high risk of funding rebel groups or terrorist activity.

    Based upon information collected from Jaapson’s supply chain, Jaapson does not knowingly use metals derived from the Conflict Region in our products.

    We expect our suppliers to engage in due diligence to analyze their sources and to complete the EICC Conflict Minerals reporting template. Suppliers must ensure that all metals used to manufacture products for use by Jaapson originate from certified conflict free smelters.

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